@Videostatic Deadmau5 f/ Lights "Drama Free" (Nick DenBoer, dir.) https://t.co/5XGHW9AATX 1 day 21 hours ago
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@Videostatic Reps recreating videos should be the new trend. I approve. https://t.co/oS4gU0dxrD 22 hours 36 min ago
@Videostatic Foster The People "Worst Nites" (Mark Foster, Josh Hutcherson, dir.) https://t.co/JyazwCMqnK 1 day 59 min ago
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WATCH IT: Purity Ring "Lofticries" (AG Rojas, dir.)

Director AG Rojas gives birth to something sinister in this collection of short cuts for Purity Ring. The opening segment sets the formula: A character leads the viewer on a long tracking shot — think Goodfellas Copa scene, but with malice and mystery — that climaxes and then gets wiped away by a data mosh fade into the next scene. Climax #1 sets the tone as well: A bloody backroom Pieta that puts birth and death at the forefront of your mind as each subsequent story adds another loop to the circle of life. --> watch "Lofticries"

LARK CREATIVE Purity Ring "Lofticries"
AG Rojas, director | Onye Anyanwu, producer | Caviar Content, production co | LARK CREATIVE, rep | Michael Ragen, DP | MPC, vfx | Ashley Fenton, production designer  | Natasha Newman-Thomas stylist | Jasper Thomlinson, Michael Sagol, exec. producers

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