WATCH IT: Rihanna "We Found Love" (Melina, dir.)

Know the old saying to never ever underestimate a woman scorned?

Rihanna and director Melina Matsoukas collaborate on what will surely be one of the most talked about videos of the year for all the right reasons. Going way beyond what you can normally get away with in a pop video — or any mainstream video, for that matter — Rihanna is trapped in a manic relationship that's punctuated by drugs, sex and lots of highs and lows. Certainly not the kind of the video that's safe for the kiddies, unless her younger fans are already well-versed in such drugssexdebauchery flicks like Trainspotting, Requiem For A Dream or Sid And Nancy, since those are probably the closest examples to what they were going for here. Clearly the internt is to shock, and the fact that RiRi's on-screen beau looks like her ex Chris Brown makes it easy to infer that the video is a meant as a statement on all that drama. But, if you caught any of the controversy about Rihanna and Melina's last video together, it's also easy to view this as a middle finger to everyone who accused and doubted them.  --> watch "We Found Love"

Prettybird Rihanna "We Found Love" (Island Def Jam)
Melina Matsoukas, director | Juliette Larthe, Ben Sullivan, producer | Prettybird, production co | Paul Laufer, DP | Jeff Selis, editor | Mark Geraghty, production designer | Kroma, vfx | Candice Ouaknine, exec, producer

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