WATCH IT: The Shins "It's Only Life" (Hiro Murai, dir.)

If the creepy and mysterious album artwork for The Shins Port Of Morrow caught your imagination, you should love this video. Director Hiro Murai imagines a suburban apocalypse where huge creatures have seemingly dragged all the parents away, but left an interprid boy behind to stir up some trouble. --> watch "It's Only Life"

Doomsday Ent The Shins "It's Only Life" (Columbia)
Hiro Murai, director | Jonathan Wang, producer | Doomsday Ent, production co | Will Basanta, DP | Mandy Brown, editor | Bonnie Brae, vfx | Jason Kisvarday, art | Danielle Hinde, exec. producer | Saul Levitz, commisioner | note: logos represent site sponsors