WATCH IT: Young Empire "White Doves" (Miles Jay, dir.)

Here's a cool idea: Instead of watching a video about other people grapping with their memories, what if you could watch something more relevant to your own memories. Director Miles Jay utilizes Facebook Connect to accomplish exactly that: Log into the "interactive" version of the video with your Facebook password, select your "closest friend" and all the photos in this video are replaced with photos of you and your friend. One bit of warning: Please be aware that some of these photos will be on fire, so maybe pick somebody you don't mind immolating in flames. Or, all you luddites/anti-Facebookers can just watch the non-interactive version embedded below. --> watch "White Doves" (Facebook Connect version)

Vision Film Co. Young Empires "White Dove"
Miles Jay, director | Liz Dussault, producer | Vision Film Co/FamilyStyle, production co | Max Chin, DP | Derek Blais, digital director | 567vfx, vfx | Jam3, digital design | Geoff McLean, Harland Weiss, Donovan Boden, exec. producers

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