WATCH IT: Yuksek "Always On The Run" (Skinny, dir.)

Just because you're living like an outlaw bohemian — completely off-the-grid, without morals (or shirts), subsisting on stolen booze and money — doesn't mean that you're any less bored and unhappy than you were back in suburbia. What's most shocking about this Yuksek video is that what I might have termed as a "Road Warrior post-apocalyptic" fantasy now doesn't seem that far off in the future. --> watch "Always On The Run"

Yuksek "Aways On The Run" (Savoir Faire/Universal France)
Doomsday Ent PartizanSkinny, director | Andrew Miller, producer | Partizan, production co | Doomsday, rep | Starr Whitesides, DP | Justin Krook, editor |Sophia deArborn, stylist | Beau Leon, colorist | Jeff Pantaleo, Arthur Cantin, exec. producer 

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