Kanye West "Famous" (NSFW)

The infamous video has hit the unfettered web... At its simplest, it's 10 minutes of celebrity doppelgangers  — we assume, unless they actually got the likes of George Bush to appear here — all sleeping together in a bed, butt naked.

The actual construction of the clip is more complex, starting with a descent through the clouds with Kanye audibly taunting designer/antagonist Hedi Slimane that rock is dead, then a leering sex-tape coverage of the massive bed tableau — a Last Supper of sorts, with Kanye and Kim and the center and surrounded by notable people, mostly culled from the most notorious parts of their past — then a more formal depiction of the set-up, following by another cloud sequence.

Artistic? It is inspired by a work by artist Vincent Desiderio, who approves of this interpolation. Controversial? Oh, yes. Yes, indeed.

Kanye West "Famous"

Despite having so far only been available via pay-per-view, be it at the ticketed premiere event at LA's Forum, or as a TIDAL exclusive,  the new Kanye West video has been making a big ripple (thank you) with his controversial new "Famous" video. Visually inspired by artist Vincente Desiderios' "Sleep" painting, "Famous" depicts a massive and surreal post coital moment with Kanye next to his wife Kim Kardashian, and surrounded by other naked celeb lookalikes, all of whom were perfectly chosen for maximum controversy: Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Ray J, Bill Cosby, Donald Trump and on down the line.