Oliver Asadi "Fire" (Oliver Asadi, dir.)

Directed by Oliver Asadi Produced by Oliver Asadi Editor: Oliver Asadi Creative Direction: Oliver Asadi Production Designer: Oliver Asadi VFX: Oliver Asadi Color: Oliver Asadi Camera Operator: Oliver Asadi, Thomas Varley, Niall Clayton, Will Van Den Ende & Santino Browne Assistants: Bradley Nodder, Connor Rawnsley Model: Jonah Salvante

Intro song by Waikato Spirit

Le Noire "Fire" (Brian Harrison, dir.)

The human eye and the human mind are not always in synchronization, so, what you think, what you see, and what you think you see are not always what are found to be true. But then again, isn't the truth through my eyes sometimes a lie through yours? Debut music motion picture from the psychedelic/alternative rock band, Le Noire, born in the Echo Park section of Los Angeles.

Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema - Official Selection 2015 Best Shorts Competition - WINNER - Award of Excellence 2014 (Winter) California International Shorts Festival - Official Selection 2014