Gangnam Style

PSY's "Gangnam Style" Breaks The YouTube Counter

This might be the nerdiest post on Videostatic ever — which is really saying something — and also the scariest.

PSY's unstoppable "Gangnam Style" continues to break records, and has now broken YouTube itself.

The YouTube view counter used a 32-bit integer, meaning that the highest possible number it could go was 2,147,483,647 — a staggeringly large number that PSY has now surpassed.

As such, YouTube has upgraded their counter to a 64-bit integer, which should be safe unless PSY's views go above 9,223,372,036,854,775,808.

Gangnam Style Crosses 2 Billion Views; Still #1 YouTube of All-Time

Psymania seems over, yes? As if.

The ground-shaking "Gangnam Style" video which broke all sorts of recording, including being the only YouTube video to surpass one billion views in December 2012 — a feat accomplished in only a few months — is still going strong...

Sure, the pace has slowed, but the views keep coming in, just recently crossing the 2 billion mark, remaining the most viewed YouTube video of all-time.

In celebration, YouTube has rolled out a fancy custom animation to keep track of the McDonalds-like numbers...

And in a smart move, PSY is set to premiere his new video on June 8 via Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Get ready to potentially "giddy up" once again..