GMAC "Human" (Boodang, dir.)

“Human” is a heartfelt message of compassion, non-judgement and hope in spite of circumstantial challenges.  The story line follows GMAC to the Alkebu-lan Village (a youth development center on the eastside of Detroit) where the main character Michael has a physical altercation on the playground of the youth center that sends him on a downward spiral out of control and into the custody of law enforcement.  Michael realizes the importance of the village as a support structure in his life and returns to make amends with the youth he had an altercation with in the beginning.  This story is unf

All We Are "Human" (Eoin Glaister, dir.)

Another Trilogy from Agile director Eoin Glaister this time with Domino outfit All We Are! It’s a hilarious mockumentary with Part 1 ‘Human' finding us in a small village which is facing problems with a developer that’s planning to build a new motorway straight through the middle of it. The disruption causes issues with the residents until they learn to ban together in order to overcome. 

SEVDALIZA "Human" (Emmanuel Adjei, dir.)

A hooded figure stalks the halls, beneath the watchful gaze of others in Emmanuel Adjei's haunting clip for Sevdaliza.

A simple, yet intense scenario unfolds here which scratches at a human desire to stare and to be stared at. And has a brave and beautiful visual twist. 

Adjei invites us to follow a cloaked ghostlike figure gliding through the hallways of a mansion. But once the figure reaches a large open space, populated by men watching from a balcony above, the true form of the figure is revealed.