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Video Music Box Celebrates 30 Years Of Hip-Hop On TV

I hate to repeat myself, but it's been five years since we last spoke about the legendary Ralph McDaniels and Video Music Box, so here goes...

Ralph McDaniels has been producing and programming the NYC hip-hop video show Video Music Box since 1983 — five years before Yo! MTV Raps launched. He also produced and/or directed some of the earliest rap videos. He is the Godfather of hip-hop on TV. Period.

Uncle Ralph is celebrating 30 years on the air with a panel discussuin tonight, Tuesday February 6, at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Guests include the legendary Melle Mel and Afrika Bambaataa and rising artist Joey Bada$$, along with a sneak peek at a Video Music Box documentary that McDaniels that is in the works.

Check out this Fuse interview with McDaniels for more background on the man and his show...

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