BLVD Industries Signs Director Leah McKissock

Lena Fayre - Love Burning Alive (Official Video)

Blvd Industries and Yell Productions are pleased to announce the signing of music video and commercial director Leah McKissock. Leah has directed stellar spots for Avocado and Messageme -and her recent music videos for artist Lena Fayre have been featured on MTV.

The video for Lena Fayre’s latest hit,“Love Burning Alive” combines a clever narrative with stunning cinematography and a driving edit. According to BLVD Executive producer Craig Bernard, “Leah has a gift for storytelling, innovative narratives and an eye for great post-production and finishing."

Leah hails from Northern California and received her degree in Film Theory at Cal State Long Beach. While working on her degree, she directed music videos for local artists — which lead to her winning the Grand Prize in OnVidi’s Video Contest, and also the award for Best Video for LBCK’s “Start”.

She is currently showcasing her debut short film - “Crazy Like Me” - to festivals worldwide.