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Partizan Names Laura Jones EP for Music Videos

Global production house Partizan has brought on Laura Jones as Executive Producer of Music Videos. UK import Laura Jones steps into the role at Partizan’s Los Angeles office with a rich history of producing at prestigious companies such as The Directors Bureau, Blink, Iconoclast, and RSA, along with Partizan in London.

Music has long been an important part of Partizan’s legacy. As EP of their lauded Music Video department, Laura Jones will represent a stable of top directors responsible for some of the most iconic videos of the 21st century. Partizan’s vault contains countless productions for megastars like Taylor Swift, Usher, Beyoncé, Björk, Daft Punk, Kanye West, Madonna and The Rolling Stones, to name just a few.

Partizan Founder Georges Bermann comments: “Laura is a Partizan baby. She worked with us in the London office where she did fantastically well. She’s been fed with our music video culture, which has brought so many incredible directors to the best artists in the world. She’s exactly what we’re about and her creativity, audacity and originality is what is needed for our industry now more than ever.”

Over the past decade, Jones has collaborated with such high-profile artists as Pharrell Williams, Sam Smith, Kanye West and Desiigner, Disclosure, Foals, Lorde, 2 Chainz, London Grammar and Rae Sremmurd, to name a few.

"Partizan is where I started so I’m thrilled to be back and at such an exciting time. Creativity and cultivating talent have always been at the forefront of Partizan and music videos are a huge part of that, which makes an inspiring culture for both artists and directors to work within."

Founded in 1991, Partizan has set the bar for creative excellence and remains one of the world’s foremost production companies. The Partizan roster boasts a bevy of acclaimed directors who are represented worldwide by its offices in Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, São Paulo and the Middle East.

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