New Yeah Yeahs Yeahs Video Shoots Atop Empire State Building With Director Patrick Daughters

Director Patrick Daughters + Yeah Yeah Yeahs + performance at the top of the Empire State Building sounds like a winning combo..

This was actually the first ever music video shot atop the NYC landmark, as reported by the NY Times, which also has quotes from all involved (including building management).

Karen O, Yeah Yeah Yeahs: "It’s definitely not just another cool day in the life of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It was definitely an iconic moment. It’s hard to do something like that and not to feel like it’s symbolic – it’s like the American dream for us, singing your song on top of the Empire State Building, feeling like: man, where were we 10 years ago, when we were sitting around in some punk rock dive bar, thinking about what to name our band, and New York City, and now here we are at the top. It really felt dreamlike.”