BOOKED: Depeche Mode - Eric Wareheim, director

New Depeche Mode video being directed by Eric Wareheim of the comedy team Tim And Eric...

  • artist: Depeche Mode
  • song: "Hole To Feed"
  • label: Capitol
  • director(s): Eric Wareheim
  • production co: Mighty 8/Warp Films
  • rep: Joceline Gabriel
  • producer: Charles Spano
  • commissioner: John Moule


dred's picture
Where the video??? :(
Mike's picture
Can't wait to see the video. Depeche Mode are Awesome!
Kent's picture
Depeche Modes new album is AWESOME. Cant wait to see the new video.
Eric Wow's picture
Don't leave the scene-kids in charge of the lion exhibit at the zoo, that's what this video pretty much told us.
Daniel Van Dyke's picture
If you would like to see this video and plenty of behind the scenes footage and information. Please visit my site and leave some comments. Eric: I would love to get a copy of this on DVD. Thanks!
Tags: Capitol, Mighty8, Warp