WATCH IT: Sliimy "Womanizer"

Director Ethan Lader delivers yet another simple, yet striking video gem, this time for Perez Hilton's first artist signing, Sliimy. Over 2,000 stills from a videotaped performance were exported, f'ed with in Photoshop, printed out, cut out, and then placed in the hands of various Los Angelenos for the still photos that make up this video. Sure, there are some precursors to this concept — the Hot Hot Heat "Goodnight" video with its 4,000 different T-shirts depicting stills from a performance comes to mind — but it's got a vibe all its own that makes it work. Also, speaking of precursors, my money remains on Mark Kozelek as the supreme indie-mope interpreter of unlikely songs (his What's Next To The Moon collection of acoustic re-imaginings of the AC/DC insanely great). --> watch "Womanizer"

Sliimy "Womanizer" (Perezicious/Warner Bros.)
Ethan Lader, director  | Kleiner Inc, production co