WATCH IT: Alice In Chains "Your Decision"

How could a black business card mysteriously imprinted with the inviting phrase "Your Decision" lead to anything but bacchanalia? While this Alice In Chains video does eventually provide the Eyes Wide Shut action that you're instantly expecting, it even goes a bit further. Yes, there's some S&M and furry overtones, but the real twist is a mash-up of Hostel with Delicatessen and The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover. And I'll mention Soylent Green, but only because I love linking to this. --> watch "Your Decision"


Alice In Chains "Your Decision" (Capitol)
Stephen Schuster, director | Bucks Boys, production co | Michael Lohmann, DP | Ryan McGuire + Kurt Mattila, editor Elvis Strange, production designer | Jonathan Becker + Joshua Greenberg, exec producers | Danny Lockwood, commissioner