WATCH IT: OK Go "This Too Shall Pass" (RGM version)

OK Go go even bigger in their effort to top that albatross of a treadmill dance video with possibly the biggest functional Rube Goldberg contraption ever created. Pulling together the braintrust at the "applied physics" group Synn Labs  — a braintrust of scientists and other nerds who pull off these sorts of stunts — and a grant from State Farm Insurance (breaking stuff + potential for injury = good marketing opp for insurance), OK Go lipsync this tune as all sorts of precisely plotted and fairly destructive actions take place all around them. No special fx, no cuts and no underlying plan other than, "This could be pretty damn cool." And it is. --> watch "This Too Shall Pass" (RGM version)  plus lots of Behind The Scenes stuff


OK Go "This Too Shall Pass" (Capitol)
James Frost, OK Go and Synn Labs, director | Shirley Moyers, producer | Dermott Downs, DP

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