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WATCH IT: Cage The Elephant "In One Ear" (Isaac Rentz. dir.)

Director Isaac Rentz takes Cage The Elephant on a descent into rock n' roll madness in this perfectly roughshod performance clip that splits its time between junkyards, house parties and nightmares. --> watch "In One Ear"


Cage The Elephant "In One Ear" (Jive/ZLG)
Isaac Rentz, director | Steve Buchanan, producer | More Media, production co | Laure Scott, rep | Roger Pistole, DP | Mandy Brown, editor | Beau Leon, colorist/telecine | Amanda Sears, stylist


Alex's picture
Good job Isaac; video looks dope :)
oldrocker's picture
Saw them in St. Louis last year at a benefit concert for Crohn's disease. Fabulous! Wish they would come back--any venue, but would love to see them at the Pageant.

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