WATCH IT: Katy Perry "California Girls" (Mathew Cullen, dir.)

Much like you don't need to be Freud to realize that the song "I Want Candy" isn't about enjoying sugary treats, this video for Katy Perry's "California" is just as much a vehicle for a cavalcade of phallic and yonic imagery as it is a Candyfornia board game come to life. As is usually the case with director Mathew Cullen and the Motion Theory team there's another level to everything — guest rapper Snoop Dogg plays the Sugar Daddy and Katy is rolling the dice to free the young starlets who have fallen for his sweet traps — but the video's main focus is on Katy lounging like a pin-up and playing up the sexy sweet angle without any apologies. --> watch "California Girls" (YouTube)

Katy Perry "California Girls" (Capitol)
Mathew Cullen, director | Bernard Rahill, Patrick Nugent, Javier Jimenez, Danny Lockwood, producers | Motion Theory, production co | Shawn Kim, DP | Colin Woods, Doron Dor, Bryan Keith @ String, editors | Ram Bhat, art director | Motion Theory, vfx | John Fragomeni, vfx supervisor | Andrew Ashton, comp supervisor | John Fragomeni, 3D animation supervisor | Javier Jimenez, executive producer | Danny Lockwood, commissioner