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WATCH IT: Katy Perry "Firework" (Dave Meyers, dir.)

While Katy Perry's chest-sparklers get all the attention, there's another interesting angle to the video: Shot on location in Budapest, the video features Perry people a crowd of 250 fans selected from a Katy Perry/Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile contest in which fans were asked to share inspirational stories and videos detailing what "sparked" them to achieve and/or persevere. As such, the video is dedicated to the "It Gets Better" campaign, thereby proving that Perry's pyrotechnic bosom can be a force for good. --> watch "Firework" plus a video about The Stories behind Firework

Katy Perry "Firework" (Capitol)
Dave Meyers, director | Robert Bray + Danny Lockwood, producers | Radical Media, production co | Colin Watkinson, DP | Chris Davis, editor | Kevin Althans @ Radium, VFX supervisor | Leigh Mergehenn @ Radium, VFX producer | Dave Hussey @ CO3, colorist | Jennifer Heath, exec. producer | Danny Lockwood, commissioner


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