WATCH IT: Modest Mouse "Fly Trapped In A Jar" (Saline Project, dir.)

This candy-colored and frenetically insane performance video took a long time to get officially released — an early version of the video was leaked, then pulled, then shitcanned for a couple years, but then reworked and now released with the full blessing of Modest Mouse (and their label). The final video a day-glo vibe and cuteness that would fit in with kiddy programming, if not for the hopping mad Isaac Brock character that leads the alien band. --> watch "Fly Trapped In A Jar (An Alien Musical)"

Modest Mouse
"Fly Trapped In A Jar (An Alien Musical)" (Epic)

The Saline Project, director | Ben Toht, producer | HSI, production co | Adam Toht, concept | Jesse Roff, DP