WATCH IT: Woodkid "Iron" (Yoann Lemoine, dir.)

When Mark Romanek tweets about an "astounding" music video, you click on through. As expected, he's correct. Director Yoann Lemoine delivers a b/w work of art for this Woodkid track, starting with a compendium of images that plays like a more naturalistic version of "On To The Next One" before climaxing with an epic battle sequence that answers the question, "What would 300 look like as a fine art flick?" That said, it's pretty awesome in its own right as well (and it should be mentioned that supermodel Agness Deyn stars in it).--> watch "Iron"

Woodkid "Iron" (G.U.M.)
Yoann Lemoine, director | Mourad Belkeddar, producer | Caviar/HSI/OneMore, production co | Mathieu Plainfosse, DP | OneMore Prod, post | Herve Thouement, flame artist | Pierre Le Ny, comissioner