WATCH IT: Avicii "Levels" (Petro, dir.)

Sometimes a song is so infectious that you can't help yourself. Such is the case in "Levels," where a workaday dork has no control over his dancing infatuation with Avicii. After a totally genius interlude where he passes out and dreams about his Sisyphus-like existance (don't be scared; there's a rainbow) he winds up in a hospital where the infection bloom once again and starts to spread like a bad case of the Zombies. --> watch "Levels"

Avicii "Levels" (Universal UK)
Petro, director/editor | Chris Salzgeber, producer | Draw Pictures, production co | Las Bandas Be Brave, rep  | David Myrick, DP | Jon Mann-Kreigger, vfx


Crystal Schulz's picture
That looks like Mark Baggio from B96 hahahaha

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