WATCH IT: Lou Reed & Metallica "The View" (Darren Aronofsky, dir.)

If you were hoping a descent into madness along the lines of his movies Requiem For A Dream or Black Swan, you might be disappointed by this Darren Aronofsky video for Lou Reed & Metallica. But, this performance clip for "The View" — they flipped the track from the originally planned "Iced Honey" — was shot at Metallica HQ and stays true to the project's spirit of two disparate/similar  musical forces bashing it out in a room. And, there's enough stylistic touches so you know Aronofsky and his cinematographer Matty Libatique were behind the camera. --> watch "The View"

Lou Reed & Metallica
"The View" (Warner Bros.)

Darren Aronofsky, director | Scott Franklin, producer | Protozoa Pictures, production co | Matthew Libatique, DP | Devin Sarno, commissioner