QUICK CLIP: Walk The Moon "Anna Sun" (Patrick Meier, dir.)

Walk The Moon singer Nicholas Petricca takes a homespun psychedelic journey that involves lots of face paint, a lengthy one-take section and a proudly unapologetic choreographed dance section. --> watch "Anna Sun"

Walk The Moon
"Anna Sun" (RCA)

Patrick Meier, director | Contrast Productions, production co | Kim Popa, choreographer 



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Love what Walk the Moon is doing with there sound and image - this video is great! They're featured on Vevo's Lift this week! <a href="http://www.vevo.com/lift/walk-the-moon" rel="nofollow">http://www.vevo.com/lift/walk-the-moon</a> Just in time for summer :)
Automagik's picture
The sad part about this video is that the cool place it was shot in was closed down cuz of fire safety hazards :( My band Automagik used to play there a lot and it had potential to be the coolest venue in Cincinnati
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