WATCH IT: Nicki Minaj "Stupid Hoe" (Hype Williams, dir.)

Director Hype Williams and Nicki Minaj have a ball with this video for "Stupid Hoe," mixing up a wide range of bodacious set-ups without a care about what it all means. So don't ask, just enjoy that Hype seems to have found a new muse that lets him get as creative and confrontation as Missy Elliott did in her landmark debut, "The Rain." PS: The video is billed as explicit, but it seems to just apply to the lyrics. And if you're prone to flashing light seizues, this ain't for you. --> watch "Stupid Hoe"

Nicki Minaj
"Stupid Hoe" (Cash Money/Universal)

Hype Williams, director | Amanda Amann, producer | Mazi Mitchell, DP