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WATCH IT: ∆ (Alt-J) "Breezeblocks" (Ellis Bahl, dir.)

— which is pronounced as alt-j (unless you have a Mac, in which case I think you should call them control-j) — is one of the least practical names since Prince changed his to an unpronounceable glyph. That would be enough to make me want to cover them, so it's a good thing this video is a beguiling mix of beauty and violence. Director Ellis Bahl unfurls a sort of lovers quarrell in reverse, starting with the woman dead in the tub and then rewinding through the tragically gorgous/awful choreography. --> watch "Breezeblocks"

∆ (alt-j) "Breezeblocks" (Infectious)
Ellis Bahl, director | Jessica Bermingham, producer | Project Fathom, production co | Pat Scola, DP | Tessa Travis, exec. producer 

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