WATCH IT: Pitbull "Back In Time" (David Rousseau, dir.)

Summer movie season means franchise blockbusters and that rarest of music video breed, the soundtrack clip. Director David Rousseauen seamlessly re-creates the world of Men In Black III for Pitbull, showing how a rapper's swagger might not be all that different from the kind of confidence needed to deal with deadly aliens.

David Rousseau, director: Most of the film's sets in NYC had been torn down, so our production designer, Charles Infante, built sets in L.A. from scratch, using studio reference pictures. Dot & Effects' main responsibility on this video was to essentially not let the viewer know what was our footage and what was the movie footage. Rather than wow you with effects, their goal was to completely integrate the two worlds. 

The first half of the shoot was really smooth, but right in the middle of a difficult VFX shot involving Pitbull in an elevator on a green screen, the film's director Barry Sonnenfeld visited us on set.  For a minute there we were having a hard time matching his film footage, so his comedic timing was impeccable.

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Pitbull "Back In Time" (RCA)
David Rousseau, director | Alexandra Sdoucos, producer | Creativeseen, production co | Laure Scott, rep | Daniel Pearl, DP | Richard Alarcon @Bonch, editor | Dot & Effects, vfx | Jeff Dotson, colorist | Samantha Lecca, commissioner

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