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WATCH IT: Nickelback "Trying Not To Love You" (Bill Fishman, dir.)

First of all, there's no way a chick like that is drinking lattes. Unless they're made with Soy or Skim milk, but then you can't develop the microfoam required for Latte Art, so clearly, the premise of this video is ridiculous.

Secondly, this video is a parody of the classic music video structure. Remember Lionel Richie as an art teacher who falls in love with his blind student? Is that any less absurd than a toupeed Jason Alexander stealing the heart of the sexiest cupper in all of Los Angeles? 

So, relax. Pour yourself a coffee, preferably not from a Keurig, and enjoy the former George Costanza in a role that's at least twice as frothy as his cameo role in Snoop Dogg's Hood Of Horror. --> watch "Trying Not To Love You

Nickelback "Trying Not To Love You" (Roadrunner)
Bill Fishman, director | Fallout Ent., production co | Laure Scott, rep | Rick Ernst, commissioner 

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