Video Convo: Justin Bieber "Beauty And A Beat" (Justin Bieber + Jon Chu, dir,)

Justin Bieber had the Internet all a'tizzy over a stolen laptop and the possibility that some inappropriate photos were about to leak. Well, sorry kids. It was all a ruse to set up this music video that takes the found footage concept to water park.

In that spirit, if someone stole my laptop they'd uncover countless ichat conversations about music videos with Doug Stern, like the one below.

Doug: I feel dizzy

Steve: They're apparently at a Water Park called Ragings Waters in San Dimas, CA

Doug: Like Bill and Ted.

Steve: Not sure if I should be glad or bummed that the leaked Bieber photos were just a marketing scam. Also from a marketing standpoint, the date he shouts out should be something he'll be alive for, so he can get a big licensing score. Unless Bieber is immortal. Which is possible.

Doug: He is Mayan

Steve: Amphibian

Doug: He is Chauncy Bieber

Steve: Actually, there's a moment where he smiles while he's next to Nicki that's just effortless. #littlethings #kidsastar

Doug: Bieber looks natural in some of that stuff where he goes underwater and comes back up. He looks like a smiley, happy and handsome young guy

Steve: He does. He also listens to Phish apparently

Doug: I have trouble believeing he listens to anyone besides himself on a loop

Steve: I wish the video was one take, but that was likely impossible. And I wish it was more of a viral "flash mob" kind of thing, but again, likely impossible.

Doug: i think it is a good move for him to be more 'realistic' and less iconic

Steve: All in all, I like it, especially when you contrast to the big serious videos he's done.

Doug: Are we missing a peeing in the pool joke?

Steve: Hopefully not.

--> watch "Beauty And A Beat"

Justin Bieber f/ Nicki Minaj "Beauty And A Beat" (Island Def Jam)
Justin Bieber & Jon M. Chu, director | Garrett Grant, Andrew Lerios, producer | Nick DeMoura, choreographer 



Kendrick's picture
I know he doesn't get a lot of credit, but Bieber's videos are getting more creative. Hard to see Rick Springfield doing something like this.
sasha lenor's picture
i agree..they are more creative!