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WATCH IT: Alt-J "Fitzpleasure" (Emile Sornin, dir.)

Nothing is quite right in this torso-twisting new Alt-J video by director Emile Sornin. Pop-and-Lockers strike imposible poses, an old man has a tongue for an eye, a legless man uses his blades to slam-dunk and other unexpected surprises pile up to make for a haunting and hypnotic disreality. --> watch "Fitzpleasure"

Alt-J "Fitzpleasure" (Canvasback)
Emile Sornin, director | Jean Davi, producer | Division Paris, production co | Hundreds + Thousands, rep | Julien Meurice, DP | Nicolas Larrouquere, editor | Jehan Bouazza, vfx artist | Jules De Chateleux, exec. producer | Alex Bittan, commissioner

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