WATCH IT: C2C "Happy" (Wendy Morgan, dir.)

This might sound weird, but this feels a bit like a combination of the Radiohead videos "Street Spirit" and "Lotus Flower," but within the context of an old-time soulful traveling salvation show where people really get moved by the spirit. C'mon, get happy.--> watch "Happy"

C2C "Happy" (Mercury)
Wendy Morgan, director | Morna Ciraki, producer | Believe Media, production co.| Starr Whitesides, DP  | Josh Hegard @ Coyote Post, editor | King Charles, choreographer | Trevor Durtschi @Ntropic, colorist |  Jannie McInnes, exec. producer | Paul-Francois Thierry, Yann Nédélec, Yann Bigay, commissioners