WATCH IT: The Killers "Here With Me" (Tim Burton, dir.)

I was torn between:

  • Writing something ponderous and pretentious about celebrity and how fans are satisfied to fall in love with mere approximations of real people.
  • Making a Kim Cattrall in Mannequin reference/joke. 
  • Publicly wishing that I could buy a Winona Ryder head candle.

Instead I'll just say director Tim Burton delivers his distinctive macabre touch to this new Killers video, enlishing Submarine star Craig Roberts as a modern-day Harold and Winona Ryder as the literal object of his affection. It's not the B-movie raver that Burton last delivered for The Killers with "Bones," but certainly creepy and with more than a few eye-catching moments. --> watch "Here With Me"

The Killers "Here With Me" (Island Def Jam)
Tim Burton, director 



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This is interesting to say the least. I like it!