WATCH IT: Wavves "Sail To The Sun" (BLACK // DOCTOR, dir.)

Ever wonder what a priest does during his off-hours? Probably not what goes down in this video tale of a good man who's up to very bad things once he removes his clerical collar. Or, maybe he's just Episcopalian. (I kid) --> watch "Sail To The Sun"

WAVVES "Sail To The Sun"
BLACK // DOCTOR (Chris Black + MISTERDOCTOR), director | EWING, producer | Evan Scott, DP | Terry Huynh, editor



Chris Black's picture
The band had sent a brief on Wednesday and wanted to release the video along with the track ASAP. We prepped for 2 days and shot it this past Saturday and Sunday, edited on monday to have it released on Wednesday. We definitely could not have done it without the help of our crew.
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