5 Seconds Of Summer

5 Seconds Of Summer "She's Kinda Hot" (Isaac Rentz, dir.)

5 Seconds Of Summer reinforce their stronghold on that sweetspot between pop/punk and boy band thanks to this cartoonish tale about rallying all the underdogs for a parade that would make Delta Tau Chi proud.

Isaac Rentz, director: "This is my 4th video for the band. They're always fun to work with because they have a great sense of humor but they also take the message behind their videos seriously. The band wanted to make something with a revolutionary theme that showed them sticking up for underdogs. I worked with my production designer to create a mad max-style vehicle that they would drive through the suburbs, made completely from scraps that you'd find in a neighborhood garage. It was an intense night shoot, with hundreds of extras on the Warner Brothers studio lot. I was nervous about it all coming together, but I remember the first moment we saw the band rounding the corner on that big smoking, blinking vehicle, we all knew we had found the right visual to match the song."'​

Best Lyric VMA Winner: 5 Seconds Of Summer "Don't Wait" (Sophia Ray, dir.)

This 5 Seconds of Summer lyric video for "Don't Wait" recently won MTV VMA's inaugural Best Lyric Video thanks to over 78 million votes, thus proving that kids like to read and vote. Who knew?

The clip is essentially a Pop comic homage — splitting the difference, maybe, between Lichtenstein and Kirby — created in After Effects.