An Interactive Video You Can't Control: ALB "Whispers" (Casper Balslev, dir.)

This "interactive" ALB video could ruin your day. But, don't worry your computer is safe (at least according to the Terms And Conditions that of course I didn't read prior to downloading).

Here's how it works: You download the custom app, which seems like just a video player. And the video itself is quite nice and if you're a dude of a certain persuasion (aka: a sad, lonely dude who likes video girls) you might find yourself lusting after the woman with the magical box (sorry) and wondering why the guy in the video is so full of shame.

And don't worry about interacting with the video, since you have no control over it once it detonates and immerses you in the story. And then you can start to clean up.

PS: Reading the Terms & Conditions is a spoiler.