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Alec Eskander

Above & Beyond "Peace of Mind" (Kenlon Clark, dir.)

"Peace of Mind" is the fifth music video paying homage to a feature film for Above & Beyond's album We Are All We Need; All directed by Ken Clark.  The first - Vertigo (Sticky Fingers), second - Wall-E (Blue Sky Action), third - Thelma & Louise (We're All We Need), fourth - Catch Me If You Can (All Over The World) and now Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  Enjoy!

Preston Knight "Danger!" (Stephen Wayne Mallett, dir.)

Up-and-coming pop star Preston Knight's single Danger exlodes to the scene with this dark and gritty throwback sci-fi music video with strong traces of Blade Runner & A Clockword Orange.  Directed by Stephen Mallett, the Fahrenheit 451 inspired visual will keep you captivated as you watch the makings of a new star in the pop world!