Alex Fisch

benny blanco, Juice WRLD "Graduation" (Jake Schreier, dir.)

What better match to a new riff on Vitamin C's graduation jam "Friends Forever" that music video that takes a similar riff on those pre-End Credit sequences that shows us what all the characters went on to achieve (or not). Adding to the specialness is a star-studded cast, ranging from Hailee Steinfeld to Dove Cameron, Maddie Ziegler, Lil Dicky and song performers Benny Blanco and Juice WRLD. 

benny blanco, Calvin Harris, Miguel "I Found You / Nilda's Story" (Jake Schreier, dir.)

Meet Nilda from Honduras. Read her story via the subtitles, listing the tragedies and horrors and, most crucially, the perseverance beyond what you can imagine in your own life. And keep reading, as she heads to The Border and into the arms of America, where the the story remains tragic with separations and uncertainty while she waits to see if she's actually reached safety and a new home, or if this is just a calm before she gets boomeranged back to square one.