Alex Nazari

2 Chainz "Used 2" (Alex Nazari, dir.)

2 Chainz gets the royal welcome to NOLA, with Lil Wayne and other Cash Money Millionaires joining him for a raucous street party. Don't let the abundance of kids and families here fool ya: Between the lyrics and the booty, this is clearly NSFW. Although, certainly not as far as things could have gone in a video for a song about posting your sexcapades on YouTube for posterity. 

Lupe Fiasco "#1234" (Alex Nazari, dir.)

It starts with imagery of guns, drugs and bitches, watches, chains and fried chicken. Then we take a step-back and see the young impressionable black kid watching it on TV until he gets cuffed and taken away, replaced by a white kid who watches something a bit more classically educational. And lastly, we get a peek at the board room where a "diverse" panel looks at the society they've helped create.

And that description actually leaves out some of the most controversial elements...

2 Chainz f/ Lil Wayne "Yuck" (Alex Nazari, dir.) - NSFW -

2 Chainz - Yuck ft. Lil Wayne

There's a certain genius in going classy clip for a song called "Yuck," even if there's only so classy you can take a song like this.  Director Alex Nazari keeps things mostly refined: There's an orchestra, and the naked ladies are painted gold, while 2 Chainz gets treated with a multiplicity effect and performs with Lil Wayne on a geometric neon stage.