Alexa Haywood

Puma Blue "Velvet Leaves" (Harvey Pearson, dir.)

Harvey Pearson, director: "This was a really special project and the first job out of lockdown. Jacob (Puma Blue) came to me with this beautiful track and the touching story it told, one of family and getting through the hard times - balancing on the line of life and death. The video is a small tribute to Jacob’s sister, exploring memories and an abstract journey through mental health."

Aurora "Animal" (Tim Mattia, dir.)

Norwegian songstress Aurora psychically and metaphorically breaks free from her cage, erupting into a passionate performance which finds herself in a vibrant club.

Mattia was very complimentary of Aurora, saying “it was great to be invited to go inside Aurora’s head for a little bit of time while we worked on this project together. It was a hugely collaborative experience, and I think that can be seen on screen, as our ideas and aesthetics melded together to create the video.”