Barnaby Roper

A Virtual Cube of Music Videos for The Presets

We all know that videos don't need to be passive — in fact, Mashable thinks that all videos will be interactive soon enough — and they don't need to fit in the traditional 16x9 HD screen shape (or, god forbid, the dreaded 2x3 iPhone vertical). So, behold The Cube: A six sided virtual object you can manipulate with different images and audio on each surface. 

Pretty cool... even though it makes me wish for a virtual Rubik's Cube video...

David Bowie "Love Is Lost" (Barnaby Roper, dir.)

An intro of applause becomes rhythmic before becoming rasterized, which is when this masterpiece starts to take shape. Polygons and other digital detritus start to skitter and take shape, eventually hitting a climax and creating something of pure beauty. But technology is never satisfied with perfection, so we march past the human and back into the modern haze.

Content note: The video has nudity. It's been labeled NSFW elsewhere on the web, but that phrase is so associated with shit merely meant to titillate or shock that I don't think it has any business being used to describe this work of art. Also, why are you watching videos at work and worrying about boobs? Don't you have faxes to send?