Loud Visionaries Profile: Director Dave Ma

All week we'll be reprinting The 405's music video series Loud Visionaries Week. Yesterday was all about Hiro Murai, but today they shine the light on Edward John Drake .The 405 presents their Loud Visionaries series focusing on the new wave of music video directors and creatives.

LOUD VISIONARIES: Dave Ma, director:

Dave Ma has found his feet, and they're currently buried deep in the world of enigmatic visuals and subtle camera work. The man is aware of what makes us tick, aware of who is, and is certainly aware of how he can translate all that into beautiful filmmaking. Bastille loves him, Flight Facilities came back for seconds... things are looking good for citizen-of-the-world Dave 'probably watching porn' Ma.

read on for the interview...

Bastille "Of The Night" (Dave Ma, dir.)

If you were subjected to a eurodance floor or a late night pop station during the early '90s then you were probably subjected to "Rhythm Is A Dancer" — a song so catchy it'll never leave your head, even after you're dead.

And that, my friends, is your hint for what to expect in deadly serious (but oddly fun) video for Bastille's overhaul of the song into something a bit more weighty.

Bastille "Laura Palmer" (Austin Peters, dir.)

Bastille - Laura Palmer

Despite the lack of a log lady, this video takes some unexpected twists as director Austin Peters goes a bit meta: What looks like a fairly stock performance video with trendy VHS camcorder touches,  random outlaw b-roll characters, and even some "hey, we're making a video" behind-the-scenes stills becomes something else entirely when those random folks storm the set, kidnaps Bastille singer Dan Smith and decide to make their own damn video.