Because Music

Christine and The Queens "Comme si" (David Wilson, dir.)

Christine and the Queens aka Héloïse Letissier heads to the river for an artistic rebirth.

Héloïse Letissier, Christine and the Queens: "In Hamlet, Ophelia is, of course, the unlucky lover, the rejected one; but her madness and the suicide that ensues is also symptomatic of a whole era: the young girl, unwanted, unloved, simply cannot live,” Christine explains in a statement. “Looking at Millais’ painting, and thinking of ‘Comme si’ as this erotic reverie of subverting rejection with self-empowerment, I started to dream of giving that myth a welcomed, witty twist. Let’s undo that tragic ending; let’s cheat death, if you will.”

John Grant "Love is Magic" (Fanny Hoetzeneder, dir.)

Official music video for John Grant's new single 'Love is Magic': Throughout surreal snapshots of unconditional love, here’s a portrait of the kitsch and beautiful world of Heelwork to Music. Filmed on location, thanks to the glorious ladies of British Heelwork: Nicci, Sandra and Jill and their dancing dogs: Nala, Elsa, Leo, Fiz, Chelsey, Demelza and Matisse.

Keny Arkana "Madame la Marquise" (Jeremi Durand, dir.)

KENY ARKANA - “Madame la marquise” Label - BECAUSE MUSIC  Commissioner - SAMY LA FAMILLE

Directed by JEREMI DURAND Creative Label & Production Company – JUNTA Concept by JEREMI DURAND & JUNTA Producer – JULIEN MANUNTA

Production Services – SHOT IN MARS Producer / SHOT IN MARS – MATTHIEU BERENGUER Production Manager – CRISTOBAL MATHERON Assistant Producer Marseille – LILLY EVERS Assistant Producer Paris – LUCIE GRATAS

DOP – VALENTIN VIGNET 1st Assistant Camera – VIOLETTE HYOUNET 2nd Assistant Camera & VHS footage – NICOLAS LEXA

Metronomy "16 Beat" (Colin Solal Cardo, dir.)

Metronomy—Devon's own Paris-dwelling Joseph Mount—and his drumming companion Anna Prior, lay out their stall at Charles de Gaulle airport. The live set up is stripped, with the conveyor belt looping around, while a troupe of four dancers are set in glorious motion. It's all terribly chic. There are bongos. There are ankle-swinging wide-legged pants. The whole shebang is directed by Colin Solal Cardo.

Minuit "Caféine" (Arnaud Giacomini, dir.)

Dir by Arnaud Giacomini Produced by SOLDATS Films ( with the participation of Dream On Agency Label : Because Music

DOP : Martin Roux Editor : Naza Giral Color : Didier le Fouest Steadycam Operator : Davy Bauret

Producer : Pierre Cazenave-Kaufman Line Producer : Quentin Henneguelle UPM : Romain Carciofo 1st AD : Gaelle Tournier

Set Dresser Maxime Girard

Make Up : Emilie Peletier  Hair : Marion Portevin Stylism : Suzanne De La Touche & Chloé De Nombel

Gaffer : Clément Melot (w/ Gaël & Julien) Key Grip : MAxime Foulon

Nicolas Godin "Bach Off" (Colin Solal Cardo, dir.)

A woman with a briefcase, an empty airport hall at night and a band playing a song. Is "Bach Off" the original soundtrack of a spy movie, or a movie that is born around an incredible song ? At the end of this 8 minutes long steadycam ride on the edge of film, live performance and music video, you'll probably agree that it's a little bit of both...

Cerrone f/ Beth Ditto "Supernature (Alan Braxe Mix)" (Superbien, dir.)

“Such a sad affair / No one seems to care,” is the mantra of “Supernature,” the 1978 disco hit brought back with a sharp new video by French directors Superbien. As Beth Ditto of Gossip warns us of impending doom, Marc Cerrone watches a Tower of Babylon being forged from his own golden bust, and then transformed into a golden record. Magic!