Ben Bishop

Ian Simmonds "The Lion Share" (James Simpson, dir.)

Filmed in Dirk Turpin's old stomping ground, Maidenhead Thicket, England.

Up and coming new director James Simpson delivers a stunning video for Ian Simmonds.

Ian Simmonds: It was great working with Jim on this project...from the bottom of my heart, tidy in every department... Simpson took the subtle abstract and created a masterpiece that effortlessly blends the mixture of styles ...Have only to say thank you to a great team ...Tidy Simmonds x

Directed, Produced and Post Production by James Simpson

Director of photography: Ben Bishop

By Yes Yall on March 18, 2019 @ 5:55am PDT

Fake Blood "All In The Blink" (halcyon, dir.)

Fake Blood - All In The Blink (Official Video)

halcyon - that’s Jack Pirie and Alex Hylands-White – have ‘unearthed’ a lost film of scientific experimentation from the 1970s…. experiments at ‘Zenith Medical Technologies’ in the field of ‘ecteneic energy’ which are murky, dangerous, and ultimately devastating.