Ben Murray

Bruce Springsteen "Hunter Of Invisible Game" (Thom Zimny, Bruce Springsteen, dir.)

Bruce Springsteen's modern music video work has largely been small stakes: Simple performance videos. A smart move in some ways — he is, after all, the greatest living rock performer, and let's face it: Do we really want to see The Boss do a one-take treadmill routine? But, there's also Springsteen's storytelling side, which has remained unexplored for a long time now...

"Hunter Of Invisible Game" is a huge step in that visual narrative direction, with Springsteen comfortably collaborating with longtime video cohort Thom Zimny on an enigmatic 10 minute short film. And seeing as how Zimny came to the Springsteen camp on the heels of his work as editor on The Wire — aka the best TV drama ever? — it's nice to see him get a chance to deliver something other than a performance or a documentary.

But if you like to play "what if"... What if these two widen the circle to include some past Springsteen video directors  — John Sayles, Brian DePalma, Jonathan Demme, Meiert Avis, and Mark Pellington — or a new generation of film/video directors to interpret and bring other songs/stories to visual life? 

Sounds like a great hunt to me...

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