Billy Ray Cyrus

Lil Nas X f/ Billy Ray Cyrus "Old Town Road" (CALMATIC, dir.)

You knew an "Old Town Road" video was coming down the, uh, road, but just when you think you're in for some Buster Scruggs Wild West fun, things hit another gear via a time travel gag that takes us to the present day. It's a fun ride, so saddle up with Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus, Chris Rock, Vince Staples and other notables in this visual ode to the Wild West Coast.

This Is Miley's Fault: Billy Ray Cyrus "Achy Breaky 2" Rap Remake

Look at her. With the rapping and the twerking. The nudity. I can do that. Let me call Larry King. 

That's how I imagine the thought process of Billy Ray Cyrus in regards to this headscratching hip-hop sequel to his 1992 smash "Achy Breaky Heart." The elder Cyrus takes all the wrong lessons from his daughter Miley's re-invention, making for a spectacular spacecrash with rapper Buck 22 (aka Dionne Warwick's son).

But, laugh all you want. This bad boy is already 5 million views in just three days and at least Billy Ray was wise enough to keep his clothes on.