BlackBoard Studios

Sivan Talmor "I'll Be" (Too short for modeling, dir.)

In this debut single from Sivan Talmor, TSFM (Noam Sharon & Tal Rosenthal) chose a rather unconventional enviromental love story- between an oil monster and a mountain climber.

By applying overexposure to all of their footage, the directors succssefuly created a bizzare, other worldly tale with a punch to the gut by the end of it.

Benjamin's Brother "Story About A Broken Heart" (Too Short For Modeling, dir.)

(New York, NY) Tel-Aviv, Israel based, Britpop/ folk-electronic artist, Benjamin’s Brother, announces the release of his brand new video, “Story About A Broken Heart.” The track is from his upcoming LP, Like The First Time. The artistic and visually stunning video was directed by Israeli directing duo, Too Short for Modeling. Boutique post production house "BlackBoard studios" handled production, 3D animation and compositing for the video, while VFX and grading was done by Noam Sharon (TSFM).

Benjamin's brother "Story about a broken heart" (Too short for modeling [Noam Sharon, Tal Rosenthal], dir.)

This video for Israeli new-folk band "Benjamin's Brother" tells the story about a man's struggle with his relationship, as his partner becomes ill with a rare, light emitting disease. 

It is the first video for TSFM (too short for modeling), and a second for Noam Sharon (who previously released the memorable sleeve-face video for "Acollective - Breakapart".

The video was shot entirely in Israel, with local BlackBoard studios handling production and remarkable 3d-deer animation.