Young Kato "Help Yourself" (Alan Masferrer, dir.)

Entirely shot in Catalonia (Spain) with international dancers/actors Sau-Ching Wong and Daniel Corrales. 

The story tries to complement the lyrics showing what happens in her mind while she stays in the ruined house. The dance scene is an abstraction of that, and the balloons from the band's performance light according with the intensity of the song like if they're the neurons in her brain.

The Feeling "Rescue" (LJ Scott, dir.)

In what may be the start of an ongoing narrative, a young ginger-haired boy is enjoying all the idyllic charms that his natural surroundings have to offer. So how did he end up where he is at the beginning of this video? Don't ask The Feeling since they're not in the clip — chances are, they'e still "Sewn". Regardless, nice picturesque images to take you back to when you could roam free with no repercussions.