Brad Hurt

New World Sound "Outta My Head" (Ven Gia, dir.)

A reimagining of the iconic Kylie Minogue dance track, Outta My Head is a dark and pulsating exploration of romantic obsession.

It pairs thudding synths and dreamlike vocals with a twisted romance narrative set in an ominous yet familiar digital world.

Dystopian, sexy, and utterly engaging, the film features a cameo from New World Sound’s Ty and Jesse, as well as a recreation of the iconic Banksy street mural ‘Mobile Lovers’.

By Ven Gia on September 21, 2019 @ 6:52pm PDT

Sioux City "Different Drum" (Marc Furmie, dir.)

Several children embark on a magical journey through the poorest townships and neighbourhoods of Johannesburg harkening the call of a mythical animated drum.

This magical realist music video for Sioux City was shot over 2 days with a small crew in the townships of Alexandra, Tembisa and the neighbourhood of Hillbrow in Johannesburg, South Africa. The children involved were from the local Alexandra musical group. The video features real people and no actors.

Lucky Charmes f/ Wiley "Skank" (Marc Furmie, dir.)

Filmed on the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa, 'Skank' is a celebration of urban dance culture and street fashion. Featuring real people and shot in a true documentary fashion by director Marc Furmie and cinematographer Kieran Fowler (the team behind upcoming sci-fi feature film TERMINUS), the music video embraces the gritty reality of everyday life in some of JoBurg's most notorious & hip neighborhoods including Hillbrow, Feitas and Newtown.