Brooke Candy

Naked "DROME" (Joseph Delaney, dir.) [NSFW]

Called DROME, the story leads you into a the hedonistic underbelly of a future world populated with the underrepresented underdogs of a former world, where oppressed and othered are allowed a space to grow their most freakish and fucked-up selves. It includes cameos from artists featured in the new issue of SORT including New York-based industrial artist (and Dior/Helmut Lang/HBA model) No Bra, London-based noise duo naked and Brooke Candy. Plus an original sound score by Naked.

Brooke Candy "Opulence" (Steven Klein, dir.)

The spirit of Lady Gaga is strong here, and for good reason — Gaga's former stylist, Nicola Formichetti is the fashion director and "Alejandro" director Steven Klein is calling the video shots — but pains are taken to make sure Brooke Candy outguns Gaga. We open with BC kicking some skinhead ass over $1,000, before setting off on a trippy descent into the nightlife that features batshit crazy styling that would even make Marilyn Manson blush.